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5.11 John 7 Yahusha & the Jews Feast of Tabernacles (Part 3)

Full Teaching 5.11 PART 3

In Part 3 we are going to take a very serious look at the lunar calendar of the unbelieving Jews and where the fall feasts occur alongside the covenant calendar and the fall feasts.  A side by side comparison is going to show exactly what day of the week it was when Yahusha arrives at the temple (from Galilee) “about the midst of the week.”  He did not go there to worship, and He was NOT late!  Yahusha had told his brethren (not the disciples), that His Time had not come. 

Full Teaching 5.11 PART 3

What “time” was that?  Was Yahusha talking about “His Time of Sukkot/Tabernacles”?  Well it seemed the brethren thought so.  This study is going to pinpoint so much detailed information of what is happening between these two calendars, and answer the question of “when Yahusha’s TIME will be.”  This study will also answer the question if it was allowable to Yahusha to show up in the middle of the lunar feast.  So if you want to know the details of this exciting study, you’ll have to “Come and See” and also find out if Yahusha’s strongest witness was with His words, or with His footsteps.  Shalom!

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