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5.5 Joshua’s First Wavesheaf

Teaser 5.5

Intro Mini Presentation to Joshua’s First Wavesheaf Did you know that the calculation date and placement of the Wavesheaf festival is a very controversial topic among the many festal calendars – whether they are lunar calendars, Enoch/Zadok calendars, or any other variety. How can this be? Why is it that many different studies of the festival calendar interpret the Torah instructions so differently? Was Moses not clear enough in his instructions in Leviticus 23? Apparently, it seems to be that way. But, there is a solution – to be found in the book of Joshua by the warrior that picked up the leadership after Moses died. Who would have ever thought that Joshua would set the record straight for the Wavesheaf calculation? Yes he does, and he followed the instructions exactly as given to Moses for the very first Wavesheaf every celebrated by Israel – only when they had entered the land after crossing the Jordan. You will not only learn about the proper placement of Wavesheaf/Firstfruits, but what to do when Passover falls on the Sabbath. Be prepared to see how all of this comes together so beautifully when you “Come and See” all 3 parts of the Joshua study. Shalom!

Full Teaching Part 1

5.5b Joshua’s Wavesheaf Pt 1 [65 slides]  Apr 10/22 

This study on Joshua and his instruction to Israel for honoring the proper timing of the Passover and Wavesheaf festival will be in three distinct parts.  Part 1 is going to solidly confirm the exact “day” (not date) that Wavesheaf is to be recognized – as a prophecy of exactly what “day” our Messiah will ascend with His firstfruits.  How many of us have been taught (and believed) that it is the Jews that know the truth on the Sabbath, it’s day-start (as sunset) and the placement of all the feast dates on the calendar?  Joshua is going to challenge several other counterfeit calendars – including what the popular Jewish calendar declares.  With taking a very close look at the Hebrew definitions of key words in the Torah instructions, along with Joshua’s account, there will be no doubt who is teaching the truth this time.  By the end of this study you will know if the Wavesheaf festival is supposed to be married to the date of Abib 16.  If you’re not really sure, just “Come and See!”  Shalom!


Full Teaching Part 2

5.5c Wavesheaf Part 2 [47 slides] 10 Apr 2022

In part 1 it has been firmly established that the Wavesheaf Festival is always to be celebrated on the morrow after the weekly Sabbath “within” the week of the Passover Festival.  So, now that we know the “date” of Wavesheaf, the next item our attention needs to turn to is:  “What does Wavesheaf day/festival mean to me?  Who ever teaches about this?”  And perhaps you have been keeping the feasts for a long time – and have never heard a presentation on exactly what the meaning of Wavesheaf is.  In this study you will find how important Wavesheaf is – maybe you will feel it is the MOST important feast of all that are prescribed to be honored in Lev 23.  This very teaching may change your focus and life forever.  There will be several charts to examine counterfeit calendars and their placement of Wavesheaf – where it will be shown they actually remove a very important component to your salvation.  Maybe you’ll want to “Come and See” what that could be?  Shalom!


Full Teaching Part 3

5.5d Joshua & Wavesheaf Part 3 [46 slides]  10 Apr 2022

In Part 1 we discovered the correct day that Wavesheaf is to be celebrated on – always the 1st cay of the week AFTER the weekly Shabbat. In Part 2 we discovered the meaning of Wavesheaf and how seriously it is connected to our salvation – how important it is to know that if the Messiah had not ascended, we may not have any salvation. This is indeed a very important festival to be remembered. We also discovered that if the 1st Sabbath of Unleavened Bread shares the same “day” for celebration, that Wavesheaf takes priority every time. We also examined some counterfeit calendar with their improper placement of Wavesheaf – as many have Wavesheaf married to the Abib 16 “date” – which messes up and removes the significance and proper celebration of Wavesheaf. Now the next question must be turned to: “How did Wavesheaf get married to the Abib 16 date? Are the Jews wrong about this too?” In this teaching we are going to investigate that very item – just what happened to marry Wavesheaf and Abib 16 as a unit forever. There certainly will be some things to think about after you “Come and See.” You just may be surprised – as well as thankful for Joshua’s accurate account of this festival. Shalom!


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