with Tim and Charlene & the CCC members

Acts 15 – The Jerusalem Council

This is the 4th part in a series of four closing out the studies in Galatians, Ephesians and Colossians. All four of these New Testament witnesses are used by many pastors, leaders and lay people to declare the Feasts & Festivals ended when Yahusha died at Calvary.  As has already been clearly noted, this was not the case in the first three studies.  Acts 15 recites the details of a very interesting situation of what to do with so many Gentiles accepting the Gospel message.  When one carefully reads the full content of the passage and pays strict attention to the context of the passage – it is clear the context is about circumcision.  There is not one bit of discussion about any worship statutes, never mind the annual Feasts and Festivals.  So the question is:  “How is it that Feasts and Festivals have been tagged with the subject under discussion at the Acts 15 council”?  Every apostle, disciple and elder at this council were all “feast keepers” since the death of Yahusha about 15+ years earlier.  Could it be there is something else going on?  It’s time to take a deeper look at the situation, and make a fair assessment.

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