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2.20 Song of Joshua’s Sickle Part 4

2.20 Song of Joshua’s Sickle Pt 4 [99]

This weeks teaching provides many details needed to understand the exact date Pentecost/Shavuot was celebrated at Mt Sinai with Moses and those that left Egypt.  

A substantial review will be provided before this week’s full lesson as well as a short review from Part 3.

Before you move forward to Part 4 of the Joshua/Enoch series;

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to review CCC’s 2018 teaching titled: Intro Exo 12 Passover to Exo 19 Pentecost. 

This week we are not addressing the Enoch study specifically, but taking some bunny trails to check out some other counterfeit calendar omer counts.  

There may be some interesting surprises revealed and some answers to some questions.

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