with Tim and Charlene & the CCC members

10 Trips of Mosheh up Mount Sinai

Our Covenant Calendar teacher, Charlene, will lead us through the full details of Moses 10 trips up the mountain, which includes the blood-ratification of Yahuah’s covenant with Israel.  

Here all the people were of one accord, like-minded and in agreement (echad) with the MelchiTzedek Book of the Covenant, that Yahusha walked out and confirmed with His disciples.  

Then with His death, He not only completed the consequence of the death penalty of the first covenant, but with His own blood, ratified this updated MelchiTzedek Covenant for believers, which still included what Moses originally received from Yahuah on Mount Sinai.  

The ‘additional, imposed’ Book of the Law became obsolete.  And Yahusha gave His gift of the Ruach empowerment from His Father on Shavuot, after His ascension.  

This Ruach empowers us to be capable overcomers of any trials along our own journey of Yahuah’s Covenant Way.  And He also equips us to go out and share this awesome Way of life, to others all over the world!  

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