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2.4 Honour of Lepers

2.4 Honour of Lepers [56]
Dawn day study will be from 2 Kings 6 & 7 about Elisha and the drastic events taking place in Samaria.

  1. Does Elisha know when the day begins?  
  2. Does King Jehoram know when Yahuah’s day begins?  
  3. Do the captives inside Samaria under siege know when the day begins?
  4. What about the lepers outside of the city?  Do they know when the day begins?  
  5. And, are all of them on the same page or not?? 

This story deals with one of the “twilights” in a very unique way.  Besides the confirmation of when Yahuah’s day begins, there is another HUGE lesson for all of those that have made it “their business” to “be about their Father’s business” by “walking according to His Covenant Calendar.”  

What lesson do the lepers in this story have to share with us? Come and see!

Abba desires for us all to understand why His Covenant calendar is unique, being completed founded within the pages of Gen 1:1 to Exo 24:11, exactly where the Book of the Covenant is found.
Discover how no counterfeit calendar can endure and come under the scrutiny of these strict requirements…
And the beauty of Yahuah’s Calendar count and how His design is completely linked to the highest order of the Melchizedek Priesthood.

Question you should be able to answer after doing this study

  1. The king had a threat that he was going to “carry out against Elisha” on “this day.” Which day is “this day”?  Is it a day that starts with sunset, or a “day” that ends with the “break of day”?
  2. 2 Kings 7:9 … Did the leper’s day end with sunset or the “morning light”?
  3. What was being sold in the land of Syria for massive amounts of money for food?
  4. When did the lepers go out into the camp of the Syrians – at dusk or at dawn? Did their new day begin at dusk?  Or was it the “next morning”?
  5. After the king’s threat on Elisha, how many hours did Elisha have to live, if the king’s day started at sunset? And could this fulfill the prophecy of Elisha?
  6. Did the King honor a sunset day-start or a morning day-start?
  7. Elisa is still alive after the sunset. These events move forward, so what day is it if Elisha is still alive after the king’s threat to kill him?
  8. What was … and how was … Elisha’s prophecy fulfilled on the morrow?
  9. What was the lesson to be learned from the lepers?
  10. What kind of bread will we be provided with when we search for the Bread of Life, the Word?
  11. If we honor our new day with the setting of the sun, are we fellowshipping with the works of “darkness”?

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