3.18 Belligerent Benjamites [43 slides]

 We will be examining the DAWN day story from Judges 19-21 to see what is in store for another witness & testimony for day-start    Another day start witness in a very controversial story. https://youtu.be/_Ldd1hTuO_8 WATCH ON COVENANT CALENDAR CLUB YOUTUBE CHANNEL JOIN COVENANT CALENDAR CLUB ON FACEBOOK

3.17 Closing Minutes of Shabbat

Do the four Gospels really say Yashusha was buried before sunset? https://youtu.be/30bpR-l1k-E WATCH ON COVENANT CALENDAR CLUB YOUTUBE CHANNEL JOIN COVENANT CALENDAR CLUB ON FACEBOOK

3.16 Exodus 12 Passover Patterns Prevail

It’s time to get back to the Dawn Day studies, this week from Exodus 12 and the Passover in Egypt, by Kim, team teaching with Charlene. This is a very important study that links to Gen 15s 400/430 timeline and also is part of the covenant. Do you really know just “WHEN” the Egyptians were […]

3.15 Laban’s Blindness of Gen 31

3.15  Laban’s Blindness of Gen 31 [51 slides]  A shorts Study that gives witness to Dawn Day Start. https://youtu.be/pfi8oNRkqLs WATCH ON COVENANT CALENDAR CLUB YOUTUBE CHANNEL

3.4 Myriads of Ravaging Locusts – Part 2

3.4 Myriads of Ravaging Locusts – Part 2 3.4 Myriads of Ravaging Locusts – Part 2 Will the words “this night” and “that night” really be that important in this day-start study? Did Moses actually write this testimony according to the guidelines of Covenant Calendar from Creation week? Locust’s were used in the 8th plague […]

3.3 Bible Hermeneutics EGYPT’S LOCUST PLAGUE OF EXODUS 10 – PART 1

Egypt Locus Plague

3.3 Bible Hermeneutics – Egypt’s Locust Plague of Exodus 10 – Part 1 This week we will begin the groundwork for the Exodus 10 Locust Plague study that has been prepared But, this study will start out a bit different, as she demonstrates in a most fascinating way Biblical Hermeneutics (or rules) that are helpful […]


3.2 Dawn Day Sampler #2

3.2 Dawn DAy Sampler part 2 Part 2 of the Dawn Day Sampler – with some very interesting insights on the “Light” that begins every day of the first 5 days of Creation.  Now this may not sound important just yet, but maybe it is?!  Come and See – just how much information is really packed into Gen 1:5 – a very […]


3.1 Dawn Day Sampler #2

3.1 Day Start – Dawn Day DAWN day that will be set out in an easy format,  This just may be the study tool that many can use as they seek for new ways to share.  While we have always said the last work for all of Covenant Calendar has to be found in the life, […]

Calendar 101


What is Covenant Calendar? Introduction This is such an important question, one that is being asked more and more as many Feast-keepers are realizing they really don’t know how to find “their festal calendar” in the Scriptures like they thought they could. Many are not willing to just follow someone else’s calendar because “it sounds […]

3.0 2021 Calendar Workshop

Yah’s Covenant Calendar Workshop 2021  Learn how to count and mark up a blank Roman calendar with the correct year beginning day and month counts and Feast Dates. Helpful links https://studythecalendar.com/the-bread-of-the-last-supper-pt-1 https://studythecalendar.com/the-date-of-the-last-supper-pt-2 https://studythecalendar.com/intro-exodus-12-passover-to-exodus-20-pentecost https://timeanddate.com/time/aboututc.html https://calendarlabs.com/customize/excel-calendar/monthly-calendar-12 Printable Calendar template

2.23 Exodus 12 Unleavened Bread Consumption Schedule

2.23 Exodus 12:18 Unleavened Bread Consumption Schedule [66] Exodus 12:18 is the command to eat unleaven bread for 7 DAYS OR 8 DAYS ? There’s only one way to celebrate Passover & the Feast of Unleavened and it begins with DAY START! See why evening start does not work.. https://youtu.be/5nmOGky0fWw

2.17 Joshua & Wave Sheaf Part 2

2.17 Joshua & Wave Sheaf Pt 2 [85] CF REAL PROOF – Biblical & historical evidence shows that a Wave Sheaf/First Fruit Offering married to the calendar date of Abib 16 is not our Creator’s calendar. Scripture shows that Passover and the weekly 7th day Sabbath shared the same day that year AND both the […]

2.12 Lot’s Daughters & Jonahs Worm

2.12 Lots Daughters & Jonahs Worm [42] This study will combine two testimonies for another look at Creation’s Day-start according to Lot’s daughters in the Torah, AND Jonah’s experience with Nineveh and an interesting worm.  The story of Lot takes place about 1900 BC, with Jonah’s experience around 860 BC.   We will examine if […]

2.10 Between the Evenings Leviticus 6

2.10a Gram 101 Pt 5 Btwn the mixings 16 Aug 2019

2.10 Between the Evenings Lev 6 [51] The verse says;  It is the glory of Alohim to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. ~ Proverbs 25:2 Our search this week continues as we dive into Lev 6:20  This is the offering of Aaron and of his sons, which they shall […]

2.9 Between the Evenings

2.9 Gram 101 Pt 4 BtE 26 July 2019

2.9 Between the Evenings Grammar 101 Part 4 {97] This Teaching we will begin to unravel the secrets that are held in this “mysterious” phrase of “beyn ha arbayim” (or: “between the evenings” in English). Yes, we did break this topic open in early 2018, but now it is time to completely unravel these puzzle […]

2.7 Nehemiah Closes the Gate

2.7 nehemiah

2.7 Nehemiah Closes the Gate [85] There is ample evidence that Nehemiah taught “calendar” according to the Laws of Moses in Torah. For several weeks now, CCC has been working on the term “evening” – a cornerstone word for the whole calendar study. Why? Because many have been taught that Gen 1:5, Lev 23:32 and […]

2.5 Grammar 101 Part 2-3

2.5 Grammar 101 Pt 2 -3 [90] Part 1 laid down some Bible study skills for understanding how to use some basic study tools and grammar skills. – SKILLS for ANY TOPIC.  We used these skills to examine some of the definitions in Gen 1:5 for the first day of creation, and the first definitions […]

2.4 Honour of Lepers

2.4 Lepers 7 June 2019

2.4 Honour of Lepers [56] Dawn day study will be from 2 Kings 6 & 7 about Elisha and the drastic events taking place in Samaria. Does Elisha know when the day begins?   Does King Jehoram know when Yahuah’s day begins?   Do the captives inside Samaria under siege know when the day begins? What about […]

2.3 Genesis 15 Yahuah’s Covenant to Abram

2.3 Gen 15 Abram Covenant 17 May 2019

2.3 Gen 15 Yahuah’s Covenant to Abram [38]  Even IF you already know the day begins with the first dawn twilight. . The 1st dawn day study after Gen 1 is found in Gen 15 about Yahuah and His Covenant to Abram. – Points of study & questions A covenant is an agreement with two […]

1.15 The Crucifixion According to John

Yah's Covenant Calendar Club

1.15 The Crucifixion According to John 1.15 The Crucifixion According to John [93] TA This teaching is about WHEN and covers “when” the day begins “when” Messiah died & “when” was He resurrected from the dead… According to John “WHEN” helps us to clear up many Calendar debates! CCC invites you to study for yourself. […]