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1.25 Oh the Moon Part 7 Isa 47 & 161

1.25 Oh the Moon Pt 7 Isa 47 & 161 [[179] CF



  1. If a word in Scripture or any study tool (Such as Strong’s and other lexicons), happen to be italicized … does that mean it is added and should it be researched further for the proper content and context?


  1. Are there any Hebrew Numbers for the New Moon?


  1. In the Torah & TaNak are there any Hebrew matches that align with New Moon?
  2. If the “[new] moon” is in charge of the “New Festal Month” then we should find the appropriate Hebrew word numbers linked together in at least one Torah verse with 2 or 3 other witnesses, shouldn’t we?


  1. Can we trust the translators of the Scriptures, if we find they were biased towards the [Jews] traditions, or should we be etymologist’s as our shepherd and ask Him like as instructed in James 1:5 and Isa 28:10?


  1. Was the “new moon month” one of those traditional teachings not only from the pagans, but also from the Jews?


  1. Isa 47:13 … This verse with “moon” was left untouched WHY? And is this a Torah verse?

Give an explanation why the translators didn’t tamper with this verse.  Could it be King James and his translators were highly influenced by not only the Jews of the day, but by the Catholic mindset?  Maybe this is it, something to think about!!

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