3.4 Myriads of Ravaging Locusts – Part 2

3.4 Myriads of Ravaging Locusts – Part 2 3.4 Myriads of Ravaging Locusts – Part 2 Will the words “this night” and “that night” really be that important in this day-start study? Did Moses actually write this testimony according to the guidelines of Covenant Calendar from Creation week? Locust’s were used in the 8th plague […]

3.3 Bible Hermeneutics EGYPT’S LOCUST PLAGUE OF EXODUS 10 – PART 1

Egypt Locus Plague

3.3 Bible Hermeneutics – Egypt’s Locust Plague of Exodus 10 – Part 1 This week we will begin the groundwork for the Exodus 10 Locust Plague study that has been prepared But, this study will start out a bit different, as she demonstrates in a most fascinating way Biblical Hermeneutics (or rules) that are helpful […]


3.2 Dawn Day Sampler #2

3.2 Dawn DAy Sampler part 2 Part 2 of the Dawn Day Sampler – with some very interesting insights on the “Light” that begins every day of the first 5 days of Creation.  Now this may not sound important just yet, but maybe it is?!  Come and See – just how much information is really packed into Gen 1:5 – a very […]


3.1 Dawn Day Sampler #2

3.1 Day Start – Dawn Day DAWN day that will be set out in an easy format,  This just may be the study tool that many can use as they seek for new ways to share.  While we have always said the last work for all of Covenant Calendar has to be found in the life, […]