4.23 Intro Melchizedek Priesthood – Part two (2)

4.23 – Intro Melchizedek Priesthood Full Teaching 4.22 https://youtu.be/VpmMa0AOWho Melki-tzedek Preisthood Part 2 For those of you that enjoyed the short introduction video to this teaching on the Melkhi-tzedek Priesthood, Part 2 – we are quite sure the full teaching will surprise you.  The teaching addresses the notion of many believers and Jews that SHEM, the […]

4.22 Intro Melchizedek Priesthood – Part One (1)

4.22 – Intro Melchizedek Priesthood Full Teaching 4.22 https://youtu.be/C4nBc210tHQ Shalom to all that are interested in the cornerstone message of the Scriptures – the Melki-tzedek Priesthood of our Most High Ruler in the majestic heavens.  Part 1 is titled the “Seed of Like Kind” for a very special reason – because this study is based from […]