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1.17 Oh the Moon Part 2 Judge H3391 & H4150 Definitions

moon 2

1.17 Oh the Moon Pt 2 Judges H3391 &4150 Def [90] CF Is there a commandment commanding us to judge those using the moon to commence a month or start for a biblical holy day? In part 2 of The Moon study, we will breakdown & discuss the “5 types of the moon” written in […]

1.16 Oh the Moon Part 1 Intro & H3394

Moon #1 video

1.16 Oh the Moon Pt 1 Intro & H3394 [77] CF Learn what the bible says about “The Moon” & its regard if any to the biblical covenant calendar. This will be a in-depth study and is the first of the Moon study series. https://youtu.be/4yTJBgq3QAc IN THIS STUDY YOU WILL LEARN THE ANSWERS TO THE […]

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