Are Torah observers called Christians

Walter Tschoepe will be our guest speaker beginning with the questions of:  What am I, What should I call myself now that I observe Torah?  Walter says:  “Some people have asked me “Are you a Christian or are you Jewish?  In order to give the correct answer, I must first know “what is a Christian and what is a Jew? What do they both believe?”  Once I fully understand […]

Praise in Victory & the Richness of Yahusha!

Praise in Victory & the Richness of Yahusha!   The Leonard Family will finalize the August topic with Praise in Advance for Yahuah’s deliverance as we develop a rich relationship with Him.  Here are some things to think about for this week:   Finally, after all the fear-mongering, shaking, sifting and pruning, there is a promised VICTORY with a […]

Yahs Plan for Our Restoration

April, Maxi and Sharon have been busy on their presentation to answer these questions when we seek deliverance during challenging times:  What does it mean to send up praise FIRST instead of talking negatively about what the enemy is up too?  Should we today be praying against the evil of this world, or praying to be protected […]

From chaos to blessing under the pruning shears of Yahuah?”

From chaos to blessing under the pruning shears of Yahuah?” Can these pruning shears be likened to the Saviour’s crown of thorns, a sacred medicine? Quoting from the Day by Day book by Dolores Coupland: “Those blood-sprinkled thorns are plants of renown, precious in heavenly surgery. Take but a thorn from that crown and use […]

10 Trips of Mosheh up Mount Sinai

Our Covenant Calendar teacher, Charlene, will lead us through the full details of Moses 10 trips up the mountain, which includes the blood-ratification of Yahuah’s covenant with Israel.   Here all the people were of one accord, like-minded and in agreement (echad) with the MelchiTzedek Book of the Covenant, that Yahusha walked out and confirmed with […]

Has F-E-A-R brought us to a hopeless state?

Has F-E-A-R brought us to a hopeless state? (Presentation & Discussion to be led out by Eric B) F-E-A-R (False Evidence Appearing Real), where we will be discovering several issues together. We will discuss the role of King Dawid in the Psalms – as he faced many fears as being the “hunted of King Saul.” […]


A Discussion on the topic of Fear-Mongering as found among the world, in the churches in ministries and among Yahs People. Discussion lead by Jesse