4.8 Repuesta de Ruth Repaso

SpaNISH VERSION While Ruth lived in Moab before being a member of Naomi’s family, do you think she followed any kind of a special calendar for worship purposes? Would the worship calendar of Moab be the same as Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar Naomi was following? This story takes place during the time of the barley and […]

Los Nombres Poderosos Yahshua or Jesus Spanish

Los Nombres Poderosos Yahshua or Jesus Spanish El verdadero nombre de nuestro Padre Celestial en hebreo es יהוה – – el “tetragrammaton” YHWH que consta de cuatro letras: Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey (pronunciado como Yahuah o Yahweh). El nombre de Nuestro Salvador es יהושע (Yahusha o Yahshua). Yahuah y Yahusha son transliteraciones de las letras […]


3.1 Dawn Day Sampler #2

3.1 Day Start – Dawn Day DAWN day that will be set out in an easy format,  This just may be the study tool that many can use as they seek for new ways to share.  While we have always said the last work for all of Covenant Calendar has to be found in the life, […]