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7.4 Gen 15 [Spanish] El pacto de Yahuah con Abram

Full Teaching https://youtu.be/wEaG9biHr3M Spanish Join this channel to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCIrPJOQMrgQWn3v1suuFnw/join CCC invites you to study for yourself. You can download PDF’s of all our Covenant Calendar Club teaching For more Covenant Calendar Studies & Resources, visit: https://www.studythecalendar.com/ DOWNLOAD THE PPT & PDF WATCH ON COVENANT CALENDAR CLUB YOUTUBE CHANNEL JOIN COVENANT CALENDAR […]

7.5 Mel. Priesthood Part 1

Full Teaching https://youtu.be/mLzC5-zO9xE This phrase: Order of the Melki-Tzedeq Priesthood is listed 7 times in Scripture, meant to catch our attention that this is a very important truth that must be restored before the end of time.  It is “the” cornerstone teaching of the whole Scriptures, and also the basis for the everlasting blood-ratified Covenant […]

7.6 Mel. Priesthood Part 2

Full Teaching https://youtu.be/bnLmlblhZNY 7.6 Melki-Tzedeq Priesthood Part 2 This study looks at the two distinctively different types of Laws written in the Torah. The one, proposed to and agreed to 3 times by the Hebrew nation. The other imposed without choice upon a death sentence if not observed. Was this a perfect eternal system, or […]

7.2 The DATE of the Last Supper

Full Teaching https://youtu.be/tlM3Xu4FFXI It was a very important event, that evening when Yahusha sat down with His disciples to celebrate the last few moments of His life.  He had many things to share with them while there was still time.  The Upper Room was secured and a Last Supper is written about in the Gospels.  However […]

7.1 The BREAD of the Last Supper

Full Teaching https://youtu.be/JM9GUAT7URsThis study is going to address the type of bread found on the supper table of the Last Supper. The question begins with: “Was this “artos bread” leavened, or unleavened” and how can we know for sure? But, then the next question is this: “Are both types of bread found in the upper […]

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