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7.5 Mel. Priesthood Part 1

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This phrase: Order of the Melki-Tzedeq Priesthood is listed 7 times in Scripture, meant to catch our attention that this is a very important truth that must be restored before the end of time.  It is “the” cornerstone teaching of the whole Scriptures, and also the basis for the everlasting blood-ratified Covenant Calendar of our Highest Melki-Tzedeq King and Priest.  Did you know that?  Not one counterfeit festival calendar can claim to align with this cornerstone truth, even though that VAIN ATTEMPT is exactly what is beginning to happen in the Hebrew Roots movement today.  While many leaders of feast keeping groups/ministries have taught against this “Priesthood” over the years, this is now beginning to change.  As the truth of the Melki-Tzedeq message begins to impact the world, we all know the enemy will begin his attack.  That is happening right now – what is the attack?  Counterfeit calendars are beginning to lay claim to this Priesthood teaching, but not in full truth.  While it sounds like truth, there is error and deception laced throughout their new presentations to bring back the 3rd temple – its sacrifices and the obsolete Levitical Aharonic priesthood.  Stamped obsolete by the Blood of Yahusha Ha Mashiach! Everyone now has a decision to make as “every wind of doctrine” is blowing around the world.  We invite you to “Come & See” as you further your own research.  Shalom!


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