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7.6 Mel. Priesthood Part 2

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7.6 Melki-Tzedeq Priesthood Part 2 This study looks at the two distinctively different types of Laws written in the Torah. The one, proposed to and agreed to 3 times by the Hebrew nation. The other imposed without choice upon a death sentence if not observed. Was this a perfect eternal system, or was it a temporary design to preserve life until Shiloh come? Will the Hebrew words describing it give a stark reality identifying exactly what it was? This will look briefly at some of the events leading up to the transfer of Priesthoods from the Aharonic, to the Melki-Tzedek Priesthood. One character openly disqualifies himself, One clearly qualifies Himself while under oath. Do you know the distinction? By statute, a high Priest must preside over the national Passover Lamb sacrifice. Which High Priest presided of Yahusha while on the tree (cross)? Was the Aharonic Priesthood with its sacrifices and oblations “part and parcel” of the blood ratification ceremony at Mt Sinai? Or was there a 40 day interval between Mosheh Ratifying the Book of the Covenant and subsequently, the revealing and shattering of the Book of the Law? Is there an illegal change of law (adding and taking away) at the crucifixion going into the Melki-Tzedek Order? If this change of Priesthood and change of Law is prophetically written into the Torah, was it still illegal or perfectly legal according to Yahuah? What terminated alongside the Aharonic Priesthood? If, on earth, the Aharonic Priesthood with the sacrifices and oblations, is once again raised up to a function and acclaimed authority, does that trump the Torah, or automatically instill severe controversy towards the Scriptures that declare it terminated permanently? Who has the ULTIMATE authority? Yahuah or humans? “Come & See!” Shalom!


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