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7.2 The DATE of the Last Supper

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It was a very important event, that evening when Yahusha sat down with His disciples to celebrate the last few moments of His life.  He had many things to share with them while there was still time.  The Upper Room was secured and a Last Supper is written about in the Gospels.  However with all the confusion of many calendars – especially around the day-start – this also lends to a massive amount of confusion as to the date/day of this Last Supper.  Was it the evening of Abib 13th – or – the evening of Abib 14th?  What day are the Gospels talking about?  A Tuesday, or a Wednesday?  Unfortunately, several phrases in the Synoptic Gospels confuse the timing even more – especially in versions aside from the KJV.  This is a calendar puzzle that will have a solution by one very special Gospel writer, as we inspect each clue one at a time.  You can know the truth of this matter – just, “Come and See.”  Shalom! 

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