Crowns and Rewards

crowns and rewards

“Crowns & Rewards” teaching by Catherine A from Toronto, Canada. Some things to think about: What happens after baptism, do you qualify for a heavenly crown then? Do you march forward to obtain a reward? Can anyone that is baptized claim both? Can one claim more than one prize? Maybe the answers will surprise you! […]

Idol Worship of the Golden Calf Campsite 11 – Mount Sinai (Horeb)

Idol Worship of the Golden Calf on 99th Omer Count, at Campsite 11 – Mount Sinai (Horeb) It’s a continuation of our Exodus Campsite series with a focus on the Golden Calf idolatry that immediately broke the covenant Elohim was making with Israel. Some feast-keepers promote a 99-day Omer count to Shavuot/Pentecost instead of the […]