Covenant Calendar 101

Calendar 101

What is Covenant Calendar? Introduction This is such an important question, one that is being asked more and more as many Feast-keepers are realizing they really don’t know how to find “their festal calendar” in the Scriptures like they thought they could. Many are not willing to just follow someone else’s calendar because “it sounds good” or because “the calendar proponent is held in high esteem.” They are seeking assurance to determine if their current festal calendar is correct, or is there something of much more worth. This short writing on the Covenant Calendar will be in two parts. Part 1 will be a very short explanation of what guidelines Covenant Calendar will provide. Part 2 will have a bit more detail to share information that will help each individual decide if they want to pursue further Covenant Calendar studies through the Live Covenant Calendar teachings under the Video Tab, or walk through the PowerPoint teaching under the Resource Tab. There’s ample study material available, at our resources page with contact information at the end of every presentation if there are questions that need answers. The Covenant Calendar instructors are Tim Astleford from Alberta, Canada and Charlene Fortsch from British Columbia,

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Series 1 New Beginnings - 2018

Series 2 Stepping Stones -2019

Series 3 Memorable Milestones - 2020

3.2 Dawn Day Sampler #2
Series 3, Memorable Milestones 2020
Covenant Calendar Club


3.2 Dawn DAy Sampler part 2 Part 2 of the Dawn Day Sampler – with some very interesting insights on the “Light” that begins every day of the first 5 days of

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