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6.2 Yahusha Messiah of Light Lucifer the deceiver of Darkness


Full Teaching Lucifer was once the “enlightened one” in the courts of heaven – a very beautiful angel of all creation.  How is it that darkness began to overwhelm his very heart?  What was it about his Creator that he despised so much? And did he lash out against the Light of the Creator of the […]

6.1 Day of Atonement in a Quandry

Atonement Evening Quandry

Full Teaching In this short study on the timing of Day of Atonement, we hope that you will see what the quandary is with the sunset theory idea of day-start. Is it really true that sunset theory demands that the 9th day of the 7th month has TWO evenings? If you want to know, then […]

5.6 Daniel 9 & Midst of the Week

Teaser 5.6 https://youtu.be/W0xUnJAConYThe phrase “midst of the week” from Daniel 9:27 has a lot of different explanations. Some feel the timeframe is only on one prophetic level that calculates the 70 weeks of prophetic time to 490 years of literal time. This timeline given by Daniel was for the express purpose for the leaders in […]

5.5 Joshua’s First Wavesheaf

Teaser 5.5 https://youtu.be/6g5wN023vhIIntro Mini Presentation to Joshua’s First Wavesheaf Did you know that the calculation date and placement of the Wavesheaf festival is a very controversial topic among the many festal calendars – whether they are lunar calendars, Enoch/Zadok calendars, or any other variety. How can this be? Why is it that many different studies […]

5.3 Yahusha’s Crucifixion Year

Teaser 5.1 https://youtu.be/ytGEe-UDomM5.3a Teaser – Yahusha’s Crucifixion Year – treat yourself to some thought provoking information – and see if you know the answers to questions that stem from the calendar study in the Gospels. Absolutely profound, to say the least, is the discovery of two calendars in the Gospels, yes, you read right! There is […]

5.2 The Bread of the Last Supper

5.2 The Bread of the Last Supper Full Teaching 5.1 https://youtu.be/tJWKEEqPozw In Part 2, the study is going to address the type of bread found on the supper table of the Last Supper. The question begins with: “Was this “artos bread” leavened, or unleavened” and how can we know for sure? But, then the next […]

5.1 The Date of the Last Supper

5.1 The Date of the Last Supper Full Teaching 5.1 It was a very important event, that evening when Yahusha sat down with His disciples to celebrate the last few moments of His life.  He had many things to share with them while there was still time.  The Upper Room was secured and a Last Supper […]

4.25 Yahusha’s Passover at 12 CE

4.25 Yahusha’s Passover at 12 CE Full Teaching 4.25 https://youtu.be/NVr2b7_5KCs YAHUSHA’S PASSOVER AT 12ce Introduction to this study:   Covenant Calendar is first based on Torah with additional witnesses in the rest of the Old Testament.  The full confirmation to this Covenant Calendar is found in the Gospels with very strong witnesses through Yahusha’s life from […]

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