with Tim and Charlene & the CCC members

The Hebrew Alaph-Bet

Hebrew Alephbet Intro In this short teaching, you will learn about the twenty-two Hebrew letters. You will have a basic understanding of each of the letter names, sounds and their meanings.  Also, you will be shown some example words using the letters and ways to easily remember the Hebrew letters. It’s not just fun for children […]

Armor of Ephesians 6

Armor of Ephesians 6 Teaching by Brittney Scott, presented by Sabine Alex at Sukott 2021 The Armor of Elohim presented by Sabine Alex at Sukott 2021 Brittney Scott Manna from Heaven Ministries www.livingmanna.net Illustration / Layout Sabine Alex www.torah-illustrations.blogspot.com https://youtu.be/IfOtDlu89zw Please subscribe to our you tube channel …… Hit the like button and … …the bell […]

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