The 360 Day Return

LOOK AND SEE !! Great events are soon to be upon everyone living on this planet. For those reading the Scriptures, time prophecies are just pounding on us! Time is short, – great events are soon to happen on our watch. Ponder on the following information. Biblical timelines are meant to alert us of where […]

Calendar 101


What is Covenant Calendar? Introduction This is such an important question, one that is being asked more and more as many Feast-keepers are realizing they really don’t know how to find “their festal calendar” in the Scriptures like they thought they could. Many are not willing to just follow someone else’s calendar because “it sounds […]

Covenant Calendar Club The Journey

The Journey of Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar Part 1​ The Journey of Yahuah’s Covenant Calendar Part 2 The Covenant Calendar Club has been on an amazing journey with many twists and turns on the way  Amazing friendships have been forged as we study the calendar found in the scripture and ratified in the Torah. Feel free […]

3.0 2021 Calendar Workshop

Yah’s Covenant Calendar Workshop 2021  Learn how to count and mark up a blank Roman calendar with the correct year beginning day and month counts and Feast Dates. Helpful links Printable Calendar template WATCH ON COVENANT CALENDAR CLUB YOUTUBE CHANNEL Please subscribe to our you tube channel …… Hit […]