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We would love to pray for you and even pray with you if you would like to provide your contact details.  You may also join us on zoom each week so we can pray together.

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  • Thank you Abba Yahuah
    HalleluYAH thank you abba Yahuah for delivering us out of bondage and forgiving us our sins. Please continue to lead us and teach us to be set apart from this world. Please Father bring all your set apart peoples lost loved ones into the knowledge of Yahusha, for salvation and forgiveness that we can all give you praise in your kingdom to come, for your good pleasure please, in Yahusha's name I hope and pray, thank you Father.
  • Ears to hear
    Please pray earnestly with me that my long time friend, Leila, who is asking me about my beliefs, will hear the things I have shared in an email with her this morning. I knew Leila and her husband as faithful and devoted members of the LDS church years ago. She has since lost her husband and has herself come out of the Mormon church. She has suffered greatly for that decision that her children can not accept and has for the most part been shunned. She grieves the loss of relationship with them and her grandchildren. She has not found satisfaction in any of the churches she has visited. Pray that as I introduce her to this walk of faith that she will find what she has been seeking and not finding in christianity,
  • My family and court system
    I need prayers for what to do in my situation. Family court put an order of protection against my fiancé and I right after my grandma passed away this is the first time I’ve ever had to live alone. I only get my kids 9 hours a week. We have 3 children together one isn’t biologically my fiancé’s. He is still married to his ex and our children are currently in Cps living with his ex and his mother-in-law. I’m concerned about my children’s safety living over there his ex could never get off the drugs and just got out of prison 6 months ago. This month my son turned 3 and we have been in family court for 3 years now and I just pray that the court drops the order of protection against me and my fiancé and let’s our family reunite. This whole process to get our children home is probably going to take another year or so. I’m praying that it ends sooner then that. And I pray that my visits get switched back to unsupervised. I only got put back to supervised when my fiancé and I had a fight and our children weren’t even there when it happened and I lost my unsupervised visits but my fiancé got to keep his weekends and Wednesday’s with the kids and my 6 year old Kali-Anna has to suffer the weekend without her siblings stuck at his exes house. And my sons name is Kainen and my youngest daughters name is Kashmira. And I pray that Floyd my fiancé comes to the truth and accepts Yahuah. He is too indoctrinated he grew up with Christianity and Judaism he will not listen to me when I speak of Yahuah he gets hot under the collar. Have a baruked Shabat. Shalum brothers and sisters.
  • 2021
  • Salvation most importantly
    Please, pray for my Uncle Gordon. He is very sick! He is 6'1 and down to 111 lbs, not able to keep down food or drink. He's lived a rough life separate from Yahuah, but he is still a child of TMH. Prayers for salvation, most of all, are my request! Healing, too, but salvation is of utmost precedence.
  • God bless
    May God bless all
  • Unspoken Prayer Request
    Unspoken Prayer Request
  • Healing for my daughter
    Please pray for my daughter who is in an inpatient unit for eating disorders. She has been struggling with emotional pain / wounds from abuse by her father many years ago. She is 15 now and remembering much of it. She is using the eating disorder as a coping mechanism. Please ask her Heavenly Father to intervene and heal her broken heart and give her peace, and complete healing. Also, that Abba would draw her to Him.
  • Physical and Spiritual
    A friend of my husband's, who is a dear man, was diagnosed with lung cancer. He wanted to go with a natural regimen but of course, his insurance will not cover that. To pay it himself, the cost would exceed 30k out of pocket. They have told him that it is not curable, but Yahuah can do anything and our united prayers are a force against such as this. He has agreed to chemotherapy but not radiation. Additionally, I am not certain if this man has experienced salvation. His name is Larry B.
  • Need of divine intervention
    My friend Faith and her family have been under relentless attack by the enemy. Her health has taken the latest hit. But things have been crumbling around her feet for a few months.
    Also a young lady named Vanessa is facing a intense legal battle and needs prayer support.
    And finally, our personal lives have had a sudden drastic change and has left us a bit overwhelmed. We need a breakthrough.


  • Thank you Father Yah,
    for all you have done for us,
    in and through our King Yahusha for your majesty and perfect will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    So be it, HalleluYAH

  • I shared day start with a sunset Sabbath keeper and they have been set free from the bondage of that error and set free to enjoy the Sabbath day rest without rushing around like a headless kosher chicken on Friday night dreading the sun going down before they are ready.
    Praise Yah!!

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