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  • THERE ARE 4 WOMEN WHO HAVE EXCEPTED THE STORY OF THE DNA.....KRIS.her sister Casey...Along time friend Carole lee.and my ex girlfriend from High school...class of 76 Kathy Witt needs prayer all of them.....................theirs nobody here except me.ABBA AND SPIRUT.............I LOVE BEING A FOOT MAN..........PRAY FOR THEM..THIS IS REAL

  • HallaluYAH Father Yahuah, thank you for all that you have done for us, in and through your son Yahuasha. I lift up all these needs and petitions to you, I ask that your good and perfect will be done in all these matters, for your glory and majesty in and through Yahusha, thank you Father.<br />

  • Faith Tippitt is doing better. She is no longer in critical condition. continue to pray for her but our prayers are already working.

  • Asif's wife who had the amuraism in her brain has almost completely recovered. doctors say she will be just fine in a few days. she was sitting up and smiling and waving at me tonight. they are overwhelmed with joy and excitement. thank you everyone who agreed with us for a mircle.

  • To all those that have so graciously responded to us at the loss of Charlene's father Feb 16th - thank you so much. We are so blessed to have a wonderful hope. Dad's passing was just as Yahuah orchestrated it - he was happy and cheery to the last moment when he peacefully slipped away. He loved the outreach that we are involved with through CCC and knew it was important for Yah's last day message. Soon we will all know the rest of the story. Thank you to everyone - may each of you be blessed continually. Charlene & Richard Fortsch

  • Thank you Father Yah,<br /> for all you have done for us,<br /> in and through our King Yahusha for your majesty and perfect will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.<br /> So be it, HalleluYAH<br />

  • I shared day start with a sunset Sabbath keeper and they have been set free from the bondage of that error and set free to enjoy the Sabbath day rest without rushing around like a headless kosher chicken on Friday night dreading the sun going down before they are ready.<br /> Praise Yah!!

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  • I sent the Warden of Todd\'s jail to him 2 gig sticks so maybe Abba will Allow Todd to receive good stuff While in lock up,,,,,,Pray the warden allows Todd access to a tv set and a oplayer\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\'POW FOR ABBA
  • I have been passing out 1 GIG MEMORY STICKS with the y tube Abomination of Desolation out to believers of all kinds.....I am getting so many fish. The sticks are 200 for 500 bucks and Abba just keeps giving me money to beat the streets..I have coverd my basses Law enforcement the hospitals and the fire dept and any fish I s=can catch..........Yah says if I be lifted up I will draw men unto me.........This message of the Geno and the DNA is the polishing work of the Spirit getting the word out because the Hunters are coming..We have a 1. 5 year window open.....then persecution full scale......Remember there out to get the bride......aka the Geno..Please pray for my peace and protection..I\'m... in the Heat.........This is a letter I am flooding my home town with.............. If you know some one who has taken the shot, then realizes they have made a mistake, there is still time to seek mercy and power to overcome the gene-altering effects caused by this injection. Our Father, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is merciful and understands the schemes Satan uses to trip up believers. Urgently, go to our Father in prayer and ask Him for forgiveness of this big mistake and ask for guidance into the truth of His Word because His return is very soon. Turn from the man-made pagan holidays such as “Easter”, which is actually the worship of Ishtar, the fertility goddess. Yes, I know that is not what it means to you, but that is another ‘lie’ of Satan. Most Pastors are in the dark or they do not want to mess with ‘man-made traditions.’ The consequences that are coming for such disobedience is great. At some point, it will be too late to ask for forgiveness. The door of forgiveness will not remain open forever. Now is the time to get things right, even if there are side effects from the injection ~ but take no more! Not taking the jab is wise, but taking the jab is rebellion and an abomination against our King of kings.
    Be wise….. Paper Boy Delivers
  • One of our beloved sisters has it on her heart that these two men turn to Yahuah as their mighty one and seek him with all their heart. her vision for these to is for them to extend of their financial blessing to a great need in Pakistan for clean water systems to be provided for up to fifteen villages. Pray that first and foremost that their hearts would be softened and turned to Him who has blessed them and that if it is Yahuah,s will that they in turn bless these others.
    Luke 19:40 I tell you that if these should hold their peace the stones would immediately cry out. Col 1:9 For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. Finally brothers and sisters may blessing from Yahuah be poured out on David and Audie and all those in Pakistan thereby all seeing and hearing of these things give Honor and Glory to our mighty father in heaven ...Yahuah Alohiem
  • \"This lady, Gloria is a follower of Yahweh and has been following our father for some 20yrs and is quite ill.\" -Mark
  • I am a medical debt collector. It is getting harder for me to make my collections numbers at work due to the coronavirus. I need Yah\'s help to get me to $20K in collections for this month, it secures my job and allows me to bonus. I am very worried that low collection numbers will cost me my job.
  • There is a homeless girl named Lisa who I have helped and talked to over the span of 5 years. This Kid is a junkie and just street worn. I have seen the Spirit in her tears every time I pray for her. Today I drove into town to pass out information on memory sticks and there she was waiting for me.I prayed for her and I just wanted to ask if u would pray for her please. I m a one man show hear but if your eyes were opened u wold see so much back up..............FISH BECAUSE THE HUNTERS ARE COMING./////// last 9.5 years
  • Multiple unspoken prayer requests
  • Pray for protection, peace, unity, and love among memebers.
  • Robert has had false charges brought against him. His trial has been delayed more than 20 times in 4 years due to C0v1d. He claims he knows Yah but has a rough character. He came out of the Hell\'s Angels years ago. He just found out he has cancer and is only given 3 months to live.
    He can\'t deal with the false charges and just wants to die. He is only 57 or so.
  • I have prayed and blown the shofar for my husband\'s victory over drinking many times. I don\'t know, and I really believe that even he doesn\'t know, what makes him decide to drink, but when he has, there seems to be possession. He can go many months without drinking but this is about the 6th time or so within the past few weeks. He often does not come home. He wants victory over this but doesn\'t seem to have a battle plan. I ask Yahuah for strength in this as it is very painful and we have children who are being affected. Are there consequences I can lovingly give?
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