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4.22 Intro Melchizedek Priesthood – Part One (1)

4.22 - Intro Melchizedek Priesthood

Full Teaching 4.22

Shalom to all that are interested in the cornerstone message of the Scriptures – the Melki-tzedek Priesthood of our Most High Ruler in the majestic heavens.  Part 1 is titled the “Seed of Like Kind” for a very special reason – because this study is based from the Original Seed of Heaven – not from any corrupt seed that was attempted to be put forth by the Adversary.  This will be a new fresh start to this study – perhaps one you have not seen or thought of before.  This “introduction” is just that – only an “introduction” with a lot of questions – a little bit of an overview of what is yet to come.  For such an important study it is deemed absolutely pertinent that everyone learns to think logically and reasonably for themselves from now on.  At this point there is no intention to present a “full-blown” study of every detail of Melki-tzedek – but each one needs to know the basics of why the blood-ratified covenant is so important, and HOW that is going to relate to Yahuah’s Blood-ratified Covenant Calendar.  For those that are not sure about the validity of the Feasts & Festivals, this study shows with simple clarity exactly how these qodesh (holy) festivals are still valid today.  Then, of course, one needs to understand the calendar count to find the dates of these festivals.  We hope you enjoy the presentations and are blessed.  Shalom! 

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The message of the Mystery of the Melki-tzedek Priesthood has been around for quite a while now, but there are far too many people that do not have a grasp on exactly what this message means – how it affects basically everything in the Scriptures – and why it is THE cornerstone teaching of the Scriptures.  So, this new series is meant to help bring clarity to questions. 
While there are many that do understand the importance of this teaching, there are many more that speak against this teaching with accusation and condemnation – basically declaring there is no priesthood before the Levitical priesthood (as they call it), was born about 2500 years after creation.  Is that true? 

Is the Melki-tzedek Priesthood just a theory because the Rabbis will not support it?  

If this short introduction inspires you to press forward to search this issue out further, plan to view Part 1 of the longer study called:  The Seed Within Itself. 
Thank you and Shalom!



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