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4.24 Intro Melchizedek Priesthood – Part three (3)

4.24 - Intro Melchizedek Priesthood

Full Teaching 4.22

Melki-tzedek Preisthood Part 3

Urgent Note: The PDF file and PowerPoint slide show have corrected the following items from the “live video” recording: (1) Slide 7 – should be Noah died about 25 years before Abram was born (rather than Shem) on these corrupted timelines; (2) Slide 17: Abraham was 3rd born, not 2nd born; (3) Slide 34: Correct Gen 37 to Gen 36 for the chapter on Esau’s lineage. There will be a “bonus” teaching as a follow-up to other important information that was not given in this teaching. Please watch for that teaching coming soon! Thank you, Tim Astleford & Charlene Fortsch

And now … Welcome back to Part 3 of the Melki-tzedek Priesthood. In this study, we are going to examine very closely what happens around the timelines where Abraham is one of the patriarchs. It seems as if some of the Jewish community (teachers/leaders) want to include Abraham as a priest, and then in other subtle ways, they disqualify him as a priest without really saying such a thing. What could be going on? Who is right? These unbelieving Jews? Or the patterns in the timelines that tell the story of how the priesthood baton is passed through the generations, beginning with Adam and Seth? This study is going to finish up counting through all the timelines right up to Moses. If you are interested to see the path the priesthood takes, then just “Come and See.” Shalom!

Teaser 4.23

Introduction to MELKI-TZEDEK PREISTHOOD Part 3

As usual, there are always a lot of questions about what has happened with timelines – especially when examining the 
Melki-tzedek Priesthood study.  In this short introduction to Part 3 of the larger study, it’s time to re-group and get down to the serious issue regarding Abraham.  Is he one of the patriarchs that will qualify as a Melki-tzedek Priest, or is there something else going on that is going to skip this great man of faith?  If you are curious about this as well, then maybe you’ll want to “Come and See.”  Shalom!



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